Message from our Vice President

Yamada Group (USA), Ltd. (“YGL”) was established, developed and designed by our Chairman Mr. Hideo Yamada.  YGL’s primary headquarter is located in Honolulu, Hawaii with investments in the states of California, Nevada and Hawaii.  As the holding company of several wholly owned subsidiaries, and despite world-wide fragile economic recoveries, YGL continues to show consistent growth and solid asset quality.  Thanks to Mr. Hideo Yamada’s insightful direction, our highly conscious employees, management team and support from our parent company, YGL has and will continue to increase its earning potential for years to come.

The key to our growth is valuing relationships, internally and externally.  In doing so, Mr. Hideo Yamada has adopted, implemented and practiced the famous buzz words called the  “Five C’s” – Caring, Character, Cooperation, Competitiveness and Confidence.  We are always looking ahead, to anticipate change in an era of exponential growth, yet observing the needs of our company to ensure that the growth is healthy, with positive long-term effects.  Mr. Hideo Yamada ensures that we have a commitment to our integral beliefs that embark upon securing the core of our company and its goals.


Mr. Hideo Yamada has built a special team for YGL.  We will continue to build on our inner strategies as it relates to our basic business values.  As a consolidated entity in the United States of America, YGL is a company of international significance.  We neither avowal nor parade this fact, but remain respectful to the ever evolving economic issues.  We couldn’t be more confident about our place in the business world.

Thank you for allowing YGL to be a part of your life.  We hope you are able to enjoy it as much as we do!

Mahalo nui loa,

Brent Suezaki
Vice President
Yamada Group (USA), Ltd.

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